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Grownmenchoppingitup is a podcast by brothers, JRydha and Kerry witta K. Their job is to untangle the problems and issues that couples have together and separately and show you how to navigate the treacherous waters of love and happiness.

Jun 4, 2015

Kerry witta K gives you 3 types of people to keep out of your relationship drama. Jay Rydha talks about the best way to get over somebody. Hurt your ex with success and let it go. Kerry witta K tells the fellas how to construct a proper sex tape of music to listen to while having sex. Stop lying to your man about him being the best at sex if it's not true.

over nine years ago

First I'd like to start by letting y'all know I enjoy your show. It not only makes my day at work go faster and more enjoyable but I'm learning some valuable things from y'all as well. My question is... can I submit my questions here , if not where?

lisa lips
over nine years ago

Thank you for this podcast it has helped me look at things different, love you guys

over nine years ago

The sex tape is nice it's something he had spoken of before except I can't began to tell you what played. It came on and I got on... #pussyonaplatter